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Cutting Board Resurfacing is committed to improving food safety and sanitation by providing a proactive, all inclusive, affordable and convenient solution for maintaining and replacing commercial cutting boards.

RandR2In the food processing/food service industry, maintaining the ability to sanitize primary food contact surfaces (i.e. cutting boards) is not optional. It is a mandatory Health Code requirement, an inherent obligation to protect your customers and a predictable cost of doing business. Every establishments HACCP plan and budget should include a proactive plan for cleaning, sanitizing, resurfacing and replacing their cutting boards and other primary food contact surfaces.

Cutting Board Resurfacing welcomes the opportunity to customize an affordable and flexible service plan to meet your needs.recycle1


It only takes one food-borne illness to substantially impact a business’s image, credibility and bottom line. Just the perception of unsanitary food preparation conditions can ruin a business’s reputation and chances for survival.


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