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Sanitation is (and should be) the most important concern of every person involved in the food service/food processing industry. Each owner/employee has inherent responsibility to protect the health and safety of the public, as best they can. The maintenance of sanitary conditions is not optional or discretionary. It is mandated, regulated and a predictable cost of doing business.

It only takes one food-borne illness to substantially impact a business’s image, credibility and bottom line. Just the perception of unsanitary food preparation conditions can ruin a business’s reputation and chances for survival.**

Can your business afford to take this kind of risk? We think not.

But, can your business afford to manage this risk? Absolutely! We will work together to custom design a plan to meet your business’ unique needs and YES, it will be affordable. We provide the highest quality cutting boards at below retail cost and then come back and resurface them 4 – 5 times for about one-third the cost of buying new boards. Over time, our service pays for itself in realized savings! We hope you agree that that is affordable.

“On-Call” Service

We will continue to offer “On-Call” service for all new and existing customers. This program will continue to offer significant cost savings when compared to replacement costs. But, as should be expected, it will cost more when compared to our maintenance agreement prices. The good news is that you will be given the opportunity to convert to a maintenance agreement and realize those savings immediately.

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** Legal Disclaimer: Cutting Board Resurfacing, LLC makes no claims, expressed and/or implied that the use of our service will prevent food-borne illnesses from occurring.