ABSOLUTELY NOT! It is a waste of time and money. Don’t be ripped off! Remember the goal of resurfacing is to restore the cutting board to a state in which sanitation can successfully occur. There are a handful of companies that claim to “resurface” cutting boards by sanding them. Sanding is an abrasive process that does not remove contamination. Instead, microscopic mold, bacteria and other food borne contamination are actually pushed deeper into the hot, soft surface. Small pieces of sand or “micro-grit” impregnate the cutting board further contaminating it with foreign material. Conversely, plastic sticks to the sandpaper and can migrate from board to board, creating the potential for cross contamination between your boards or any other boards that have been processed before! Finally, when finished, the sanded surface of the cutting board has a peach-like, fuzzy feeling. This is caused by micro grooves that the sanding process leaves. These microscopic grooves are still filled with contamination that sanitizers cannot reach. Ironically, this is the exact same problem that you were trying to solve in the first place. In other words, SANDING IS A SANITARY SCAM! STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY. Our new custom-tailored service plans offer guaranteed satisfaction and fast, free service if ever cited for dirty cutting boards by the Health Inspector. We may still cost a little bit more, but you get what you pay for . . . sanitary cutting boards, guaranteed . . . now, that’s priceless. Give us a call for a quote, now!

The graph below offers a concise comparison of our process vs. sanding.

Cutting Board Resurfacing


Boards never leave – service is provided on-site with no work flow interference

Boards are taken off site at night & hopefully returned before they are needed in the morning

Contaminated surface is shaved off restoring it to a “like new” condition

Surface is fuzzy, discolored and remains contaminated

All edges are beveled and corners rounded

Edges are left sharp and potentially hazardous

Free cutting and resizing

Fees charged for customizing

New boards available immediately

24 hour turn around at best

Easy to clean and maintain – saves time

Difficult to clean from day 1

Fewer chemicals needed – saves money

More chemicals needed



Should cutting boards ever be sanded?